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Click here for details To take part in the research on hoarding with the Institute of Psychiatry, visit email [email protected] The Clutter Image Ratings can be used to assess the condition of a hoarded home as well as the hoarder’s level of insight. The London Fire Brigade have developed Fire Safety Tips for Hoarders Download here.

Paul Salkovskis' psychological clinic at the University of Bath is now able to accept NHS referrals.Ask your GP for contact details of local Psychiatrists and Psychologists who specialise in hoarding.You can get reduced priced therapies with no waiting lists by joining and they also have a helpline open Mon-Fri 09.30-17.30 Tel: 08444 775 774 Emotional Freedom Technique has been very effective for my mum and combines tapping on specific acupressure points with structured dialogue. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be helpful in changing your thought process with regard to hoarding.Some people with hoarding problems have found EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) very helpful in reprocessing experiences that may have triggered their hoarding.For more information and to find a therapist visit Health kinesiology is a gentle energy technique that works on the mental, emotional, Spiritual and physical aspects of challenges that we face. that "One man's trash is another Man's treasure", and offers you the opportunity to sell your unwanted and unused items.

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