2016 new dating site in sweden


This is 2 more dating services to choose from compared to last year.For this award the top voted service receives Gold, followed by Silver, and for third, Bronze.In a sudden onslaught not long after its construction, its residents were slaughtered, with just enough warning before the attack to hide their valuables.Their bodies were left where they lay, on the floors of their homes and even in smoldering fire pits.This year e Harmony received 57 votes which is 14% of the total votes cast. At the end of this year e Harmony went through a number of changes including updates to their relationship questionnaire and expanding how matching works.It will be interesting to see how this affects things next year during voting.In the last five years, they’ve found body after body, sprawled out with many of their bones shattered, on the rough limestone slabs and gravel floor of a 1,500-square-foot house. The floor is part of a house—the scene of the crime—surrounded by an oval ring of stones and earth, the remains of what was once a wall. Now called Sandby Borg, the site is one of more than a dozen similar “borgs,” or forts, on Öland, all built during the Migration Period, a tumultuous era in Europe that began in the fourth century A. Sandby Borg’s 15-foot-high ramparts once protected 53 houses and their stores of food.What remains of Sandby Borg’s walls now surround a flat expanse of grass, and aren’t even tall enough to break the strong winds.

Despite its defensive advantages, its end was violent and swift.

The recipient of the Bronze 2016 Single's Choice Award is Elite Singles.

Elite Singles received 49 votes which is 12% of all votes cast.

Yellow plastic stakes mark the spots where bodies, some with clear evidence of brutal blows to the head with an ax or other edged weapon, have already been found.

Slowly, trowelful by trowelful, a 12-person team of investigators is excavating the scene of a gruesome mass murder on Öland, an island several miles off the coast of Sweden. 400, it encircled an area the size of a football field. The forts were like safe rooms in case of a siege or surprise attack and could be reached within a few minutes at a dead run from surrounding farms.

As the turf walls of its houses collapsed, Sandby Borg became a shallow grave, with bones concealed just inches below the surface.

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