Carbon dating live penguin


The bird's fossilised feathers, left, and an artist's impression of the penguin diving.

It would have dwarfed its black and white relatives today, standing at five foot tall - nearly twice the height of the Emperor penguin"Before this fossil, we had no evidence about the feathers, colours and flipper shapes of ancient penguins.

The Carbon Dating machine does not provide an actual date.

The actual date of the specimen is arrived at by an application of the known "half life" of Carbon -14 decay.

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The theory of Carbon Dating assumes that if an observer knows the amount of Radioactive C-14 that is present in a sample, then the date of the sample's origin can be calculated. According to Carbon Dating Theory, if a known amount of C-14 is present, then 5,730 years earlier there was twice as much of it, because half of the C-14 has decayed over the preceding 5,730 years.The debate over Carbon Dating can become very heated in certain circles, especially on the Internet! Carbon Dating is probably the one subject where open war is declared between Creationists and Evolutionists. This information has been compiled by Richard Kent the author of this web site. For a free 2 hour 1 minute video on Carbon Dating please click on this link: Kent Hovind Creation vs Evolution Age of The Earth Does Carbon Dating prove the Bible 2.Judging by comments about Kent Hovind and other Creationists on the Internet, war is the most suitable word. For a one page summary of Carbon Dating by Kent Hovind please click this link: Creation Science Evangelism - Creation, Evolution, Dinosaurs, and the Bible.The C-14 in the plant or animal then begins to decay back to normal Nitrogen.Radio Carbon Dating is used to determine the age of samples containing Carbon, by means of measuring the amount of the isotope Carbon-14 (C-14) in any given sample.Humans eat both the plants and the animals, and incorporate a tiny amount of Radioactive Carbon-14 into their tissues.

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