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In the October 1990 issue, Dominick Dunne talks to the mystery witness who says she heard everything, and uncovers the secrets that turned the Menendezes’ American dream into a fatal nightmare.On a recent New York–to–Los Angeles trip on MGM Grand Air, that most luxurious of all coast-to-coast flights, I was chilled to the bone marrow during a brief encounter with a fellow passenger, a boy of perhaps fourteen, or fifteen, or maybe even sixteen, who lounged restlessly in a sprawled-out fashion, arms and legs akimbo, avidly reading racing-car magazines, chewing gum, and beating time to the music on his Walkman.

Read the privacy policy for more information about the information collected and shared.Friends are people who share a passion for reading, a love for their community, and a strong appreciation of libraries.They are interested in fundraising and promoting awareness of the library within their communities.The tale in all its gory grimness was the cover story that week in “Do you live in Beverly Hills? ”He told me the name of his street, which was every bit as prestigious as Elm Drive. In that age group, a few years makes an enormous difference.“A terrible thing,” I said.“Yeah,” he replied.I once lived in Beverly Hills and know the terrain well. “I heard the father was pretty rough on those kids.”With that, our conversation was concluded.It seems like every day there's a new form of online dating.

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