Child psychology single parent dating


They incorporated research from the two surveys and additional chapters into the book Physical Violence in American Families: Risk Factors and Adaptations to Violence in 8,145 Families (1990).

The factors contributing to child maltreatment are complex.

According to "Child Maltreatment: Fact Sheet" (April 2006, which is maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a family may also be at risk if: Psychological abuse can cause great harm to children but tends to be less well recognized than physical or sexual abuse or neglect.

The mother herself may be a victim of spousal violence.She controls the household, and the children are expected to do as she bids.The fourth family characteristic involves the "broken parent," who has not attained maturity and a feeling of self-worth because of a difficult past.The children may be psychologically abused by both parents.The authoritarian mother typifies the third family characteristic leading to parental psychological abuse.Child abuse is primarily a problem within families.

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