Cybering chatbot


The ‘Engagement’ objective is also fun, but more on that later.

Next, we’ll remove unsupported placements for our Messenger destination ad.

I’ll keep things super simple and include a product with a native ‘Buy’ button in Messenger. Prior to Facebook recently optimizing the Traffic objective to include Messenger chatbot campaigns, I would’ve advised against it…

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But all those strategies are useless if you don’t have any bot users!

The app is popular among schoolchildren, who have been texting their own usernames to Sim Simi to find out what others have said about them.

It was banned in Thailand in 2012 when it was taught to badmouth the country’s political leaders, but more recently, it spewed so much hatred at Irish schoolchildren that it's been “One of the greatest thing about bots is that they’re just so intuitive and natural,” says Paul Gray, director of platform services at KIK.

And while chatbots seem to bring out the worst in people – like when Twitter users turned Microsoft’s Tay Chatbot racist and genocidal within hours of her launch – when they go sour, it’s the people using them who are responsible.

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