Dating leads to bad grades


Being embarrassed by your mother is not a sin, nor is it unique.Ladies love to sit around and share the crazy tales of moms behaving badly.I wish I had the mother that baked cookies and was my Girl Scout Leader and was the person that I could go to when I am upset and need advice.Thankfully, my ex-stepmother stepped in when I was still young and offered to be that role model and I gladly accepted. As for my crazy mother, she’ll get a card because hey, she’s still my mother.

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Did your mother move you every two years to a new town or home using trash bags as moving boxes?Did your mother throw out all the furniture one day and replace it with neon-colored bean bags? When I was 30, I went to a therapist to deal with my anger and feelings about my mother that were beginning to fester (as they are want to do when you are no longer in your carefree twenties).Did your mother make you eat whatever she ate depending upon the diet she was doing like “The Brown Rice Diet” or the “Chocolate Cake Diet? She is a classic narcissist and I think at one point she was diagnosed as bi-polar, but didn’t like taking the pills. I could actually forgive my mother’s nutty behavior had it not been for her vicious tongue. As I sat there, telling the stories and reading the letters from my mother that were basically hate mail, my therapist looked at me in amazement and simply said “Wow.” Even he was dumb-founded.As my sister stood there in a frothy white number, my mother told her that she was marrying “white trash” since her fiancé didn’t go to college (that’s because he’s an actor bitch), and that she should not have children right away because she will probably end up divorced.My sister spent the next 45 minutes crying hysterically in the dressing room while I rubbed her back and my mother nonchalantly waited outside, guilt-free.I recall going with my sister and my mother to look at wedding dresses for her.

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