She said okay, but when we got there she said goodbye and left the car real fast. She was a little jealous of the girls at the table. I never tried this kind before and it was cool, like something out of a movie.


But my boyfriend's head is always whipping around to check out cars, and I'm like, "Huh? Well, maybe not, but after I spent the day learning about everything from how to turn the wheel the right way to what horsepower actually is, I really appreciated these sweet cars and how intense good driving can be.

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It can range from the most obvious (like on-line dating sites or blind dates) to the more disguised variety (like a crowded bar on a Saturday night).

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I've been close to Ferraris since the first time I took the wheel. I'd finally convinced my parents that I was ready to learn how to drive, and the mailbox I knocked on my way down the driveway proved that yes, education would be a good idea.

How is that one different than every other car on the street? VE event, to learn about the best of the best cars, and then practice driving them (no running into Ferraris allowed! The first few time s around the track, I was a little scared. I could see the other cars who wanted to pass me, and I kicked myself for trying to play with the boys. I even wanted to talk cars with the guys, which has happened, um, never.

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