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Enlisted personnel's 1 1/2 inch braids are gold-colored nylon or rayon.

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Officers and warrant officers wear non-subdued grade insignia centered on the beret flash and enlisted personnel wear their distinctive unit insignia centered on the beret flash.General officers have two, half inch, two-vellum gold, synthetic metallic gold, or gold-colored nylon or rayon braids.Other officers have one 1 1/2 inch braid of the same material.Good business ideas deserve equally good names, and good names deserve to be known. COM's enviable bank of available names and register today. Visit one of our registrar partners to secure your perfect . Don’t compromise, secure the name you want and the one that best describes your business. When worn, the beret is positioned so that the headband goes straight across the forehead, parallel with the ground, about one inch above the eyebrows.

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