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Elsewhere, Jason learns he is going to be benched for the next game due to his recent poor performance on the field.Season 2, Episode 16April 20, 2008Derwin is injured during a playoff game, and Jason is called on to replace him for the Super Bowl.Season 2, Episode 7November 12, 2007Malik confronts a cartoonist for ridiculing him in a comic strip.Elsewhere, Kelly threatens to leave Jason for someone who will appreciate her; and Tasha meditates with a top football player in an effort to sign him to her agency. Season 2, Episode 8November 19, 2007Malik fires Tasha as his manager after her failed attempt to resolve an embarrassing situation he was involved in.Elsewhere, Jason worries his career may be over when he is selected for a random drug test for steroids; and a rival sports manager offers to buy Tasha's agency.Season 2, Episode 9November 26, 2007Melanie is shocked when Derwin brings a new girlfriend to the diner where she is working.

Some Like It Hot, but Probably Not Andre Rison Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. More Like Too Many Scrubs Men in are invariably good-for-nothing scumbags.

Meanwhile, Jason is worried he will get cut after the team is sold and a new coach (Lee Majors), who helmed Derwin's college team, is brought in.

Season 2, Episode 3October 15, 2007Malik's girlfriend, Renee, is shocked to learn that Malik still lives with his mother, and Renee refuses to be intimate with him until he gets a place of his own.

Former manager Perri "Pebbles" Reid is played by Rochelle Aytes and producer Dallas Austin is played by Evan Ross, while Mack 10, retired football player Andre Rison and Jodeci's Dalvin De Grate appear as ancillary roles.

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Later, Melanie discovers some surprising information about the woman and shares it with Derwin, but he doesn't believe her.

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