Estafa post dating check


In her account of the events, Estella claimed that she was advised by Carmencita Chan (Carmencita), a Multitel counselor, to invest in the company through the One Heart Multi-Purpose Cooperative (One Heart).As Carmencita explained to her, One Heart was an agent of Multitel, which could receive investments in the latter’s behalf.However, in October 2002, no interest income was deposited to Estella’s account.

When the guaranteed return never arrived, Henry called Gladina who relayed to him that Baladjay was having difficulty with respect to the Multitel funds.

Baladjay offered her a job as a Multitel counselor, promising her commissions equivalent to seven percent (7%) of the capital infused by the investors that she would convince.

Accepting the offer, Yolanda ushered in clients to Baladjay’s office at the Enterprise Building in Ayala, Makati City until 2001.

Rolando exerted all effort to recover his investments after his discovery.

He even attended the meetings conducted by Multitel, the last one of which was held on November 5, 2002.

However, sometime in October 2002, when he had yet to receive his interest income for the month, Rolando learned that Baladjay was under investigation.

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