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That “prize” goes to the Russian Federation, followed by “rogue” Chinese province/democratic Chinese breakaway state Taiwan.

Bangladesh and Hungary signed three Memorandums of Understanding (Mo Us) for boosting cooperation in different fields.

Australia's Reserve Bank has confirmed it has been attacked, after a report in the Australian Financial Review claimed its “...

computer networks have been repeatedly and successfully hacked in a series of cyber-attacks to infiltrate sensitive internal information, including by Chinese-developed malicious software”.

Both the Prime Ministers in the first-ever official talks hinted opening diplomatic missions or consulate by 2018 which had been closed after brutal killing of Bangabandhu in 1975.The Reserve Bank (RBA) is Australia's central bank and has functions broadly comparable to those of the Bank of England or the US Federal Reserve.The AFR report mentions hacks on France that resulted in several thousand confidential documents supposedly making their way in the general direction of China, but does not say if Australian documents were lost.Something else that is almost certain is that this story will run for a while: a media outlet with a story of this seeming importance will have more than one followup planned, probably with additional revelations.Whether those followups mention this Deutsche Telecom data will be interesting, as it suggests China is far from the world's most active source of hack attacks.Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina encouraged Hungarian entrepreneurs to be partners with Bangladesh in investment, trade and innovative businesses for shared prosperity.

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