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Simply stated, sending sexts of people under 18 years of age is illegal.

Beyond online reputation, teens who send sexually explicit photos can be convicted of child pornography charges and have their names permanently placed on registered sex offender lists.

With the ubiquity of ever more powerful smartphones, sexting has become an increasing concern for the parents of teenagers and preteens.

This number is down from figures in older surveys, but it is still alarmingly high given the risks involved.

Although teens are less concerned with online reputation and privacy than adults, that doesn’t mean they’re unaware of the implications of sexting.

Teens are fairly well-educated as to the dangers of exposing private information or photos digitally.

Stay away from your teen’s texts; only look at photos and videos.

You want to show that you respect your child’s privacy and that you’re only concerned with protection.

An embarrassing slap on the wrist is better than a child pornography conviction.

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