Independent women intimidating men


Men tend to avoid vulnerability because they feel weak.

The strong woman will challenge a man in the most intimate of ways.

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Checking into my suite at the exclusive Plaza Hotel, which Trump then owned, overlooking Central Park, I was greeted by a forest of blood-red roses with a tasteful handwritten note that simply said: ‘Donald.’Although we had never met, she welcomed me as her ‘dear, dear friend’.

The strong woman will fight for both of you, but she doesn’t need a man to fight her battles. They don’t sit and wait, as victims, for a man to find the solution. If you choose to remain with this type of woman, be willing to walk beside her, not in front of her while pulling her to where you think she should be. She will not wait for the man to make the first move.

Strong women know what they want, how to attain it, and remember all that they had to endure to get whatever they have. Strong women have tenacious personalities that can be extremely intimidating for some men. They love wholeheartedly and also can continue exploring the world, with a man or not.

This was just one of many revealing and excruciating moments during the two weeks I spent with Trump in 1995 while making a 60-minute profile of him for ITV – a fortnight which started with a charm offensive, but ended in bitterness, recrimination and intimidating letters that only stopped when I threatened legal action.

Selina Scott (pictured right) met American billionaire Donald Trump (left) while filming a documentary on him for ITV in 1995.

They need to know that their mate can be available to navigate the ocean of uncertainties and travel the edges of madness. They excavate and search for those things that make us human.

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