Matters of life and dating


Gracias a ello la insipiente relación entre ambos se complica, arruinando lo que parecía ser una unión creada en el cielo.

Actually it just ended up being fluff and a lot of angst but whatever I write these on a whim. The only plot in this is that thick one that the censors won't let me expose because its NSFW ((: Who knows what I'm even coming up with now.People over 50 often wonder if they should reveal their age when dating someone younger. Mostly because, after 50, your memory starts to go.And lies about your age become just too hard to remember. But remember, a younger partner will have a distinct advantage in this area.Picked up a new webcomic recently (called A Matter of Life and Death, as the tags may imply). :) Life and Death taking in some of the cuter aspects of Creation.It's M/M, and is about characters and story and is not (yet? If you’re anything like me, in the near future, you’ll probably find yourself dating someone who is younger than you.

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