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It’s true that some of the anger was directed at Tuvel, but much more was directed at , not to Tuvel.(A lot depends on the differences between these two cases, because protecting the vulnerable means different things in each of them.) Let me note that I am taking others’ words for it on the demographics of those initially angry and the open letter’s signatories.Journals that are explicitly interdisciplinary are bound by the norms of all of the disciplines they include, so whether a retraction of the paper is warranted is not settled by the fact that it wouldn’t be warranted in Philosophy.

Many otherkins admire certain aspects of their kintype (the animal they feel akin to), and seek to develop their own characteristics to mirror them. A fox is sly and smart, and those are qualities that a human should have as well.Otherkins aren't furries, plushies, or into cosplay; although they do enjoy video games and fantasy novels — both involving a lot of imagination.Through video games, a certain freedom is created: a virtual fantasy world, a virtual self, and an outlet to be your otherkin to be whatever you want to be. Otherkin is a term used by people who identify as partially or entirely nonhuman, either in a spiritual sense or in terms of not being comfortable in their own body.They might feel like a dragon, an elf, a lion or a wolf — anything.The Otherkin dating service is a completely over-engineered and thus almost completely unusable dating site for deranged otherkin lust.

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