Partnership liquidating distribution worksheet


*Hear some hints on how to avoid pitfalls and prepare for a successful implementation of the new OPEB standards.

(Hear the perspective from a seasoned government finance official that is leading the charge to help governments successfully conquer these complex new standards!

*Investing in securities, including symptoms of Bull and Bear markets, investing for income, Daniel Amerman's "Flaws in Conventional Financial Planning," Closed end mutual funds and ETFs. *Future problems & issues as seen by Jim Willie *The compelling need for gold and silver in a portfolio today.

Analyzing and investing in gold and silver coins, as well as mining companies.

*Find out what GASB projects are on the horizon.*Federal and California statutory and regulatory standards governing tax preparers: Preparer penalty provisions, Circular 230 and; AICPA Statements on Standards for Tax Services. Recreation we do *UNIVERSAL/ PHILOSOPHICAL/ ISSUES: Creativity Philanthropy. The Sage * CONCLUSIONS: One retirement size does not fit all.

*Tax shelter and reportable transactions issues in depth. 7525 and work product privilege issues and Kovel arrangements.*Audit objectives -- major steps in the audit process; goals; and performing analytical procedures and tests of controls, transactions and balances *Workpaper techniques -- critique cash workpapers, solve common new staff deficiencies, and learn the benefits of engagement management software *Analytical procedures -- purpose, techniques and detailed case study practice *Compilations and reviews -- levels of assurance and responsibility, guidance on procedures, and hands-on practice involving a closely held corporation *Audit and review accounts -- identify objectives; design and implement effective, efficient procedures to meet objectives; and participate in a case study for auditing receivables, payables and inventories*How to prepare various Form 1040 individual tax returns and schedules (with filled-in forms) *Tax filing status -- rules, planning opportunities and pitfalls *Dividends and interest -- ordinary, return of capital and capital gain distribution dividends; taxable and tax-exempt interest; original issue discount and more *Security transactions -- Form 1099-B, Form 8948, Schedule D, mutual fund sales and related basis issues *How the Affordable Care Act affects tax returns *Self-employment issues *Sale and exchange of property -- Form 4797, depreciation recapture and capital gains *Schedule C deductions *Passive losses -- rental property and how the passive loss rules flow to tax forms *In-depth look at itemized deductions -- what is and is not deductible *Interest deductions -- limitations and timing problems *Retirement contributions *Education credits and deductions *Child care credits and adoption tax credit *Tax computation -- kiddie tax, AMT, regular tax, credits and more *Impact of recent legislation and changes to Form 1040*INTRODUCTION: Footprints toward retirement. Balance & hopefully wisdom are determined by the evidence*A four box model of the Big Picture of financial/retirement planning, including misconceptions about financial/retirement planning, and a brief retirement plan calculation with references.

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*Definition of an activity and the activity grouping and disclosure rules.*Update of FASB Statements and Interpretations and review of the activities of the Private Company Council.*Review of the latest Statements on Auditing Standards *Explanation of SSAE 18; Attestation Standards -- Clarification and Recodification.*Find out what GASB projects are on the horizon.*Why Forecasts and Budgets are Frequently Wrong: *Behavioral finance *Improper goal setting *Games *Continuing the status quo *Traditional budgeting techniques *Incorporating Strategy into Budgets: *Improving measurement systems *Common errors *Developing strategic measurements *Strategies vs.non-strategies *Expanding the Budgeting Framework: *Quarterly and rolling forecasts *Mission-based budgeting *Zero-based budgeting *Post-completion evaluations *Contingency planning *Identifying improvements *Big Data: *Definition *Challenges *Goals *Current uses/examples *Sources of information *Analytical Tools: *Ratio analysis *Benchmarking *Pareto analysis *What If analysis *Trend analysis *Regression *Simulation*This program identifies strategic implementations regarding the relationship between intention, purpose and closure to the workday and their effect on transforming a workplace environment *Positive continuous improvement is increased when implementation of employee engagement techniques are in direct alignment with the organizations core values, mission and/or vision statement *This session is content rich, interactive and fun *Attendees will learn the strategies to assist them in creating an organization people want to work at and customers want to do business with*Critical aspects of performing single audits under the OMB's Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards *Developing issues and challenges involving the Yellow Book *Key AICPA developments affecting audits of governmental entities and a special look at identifying, evaluating, and communicating deficiencies in internal control *Recent GASB activities directed towards state and local governments with an emphasis on the new OPEB standards (i.e., GASB Nos.You're gonna get older *PHYSICAL ISSUES: Fingerprints of good Healthcare. Investing after 2008 -Stock Markets, Real Estate, Annuities, Precious Metals. *Physical issues including health concerns, and a health bibliography.

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