Radiation dating


Fortunately, it has a health care-related use, as well.Some physicians promote it as a “simpler and less expensive complement to mammography.” They know infrared imaging’s detection and accuracy rate exceeds that of mammograms and would recommend mammography only if the thermography indicated pathology or issues needing further investigation.In other words, it detects tumors in earlier stages., notes the increasing evidence “relating to the risks inherent in using mammography for breast screening...

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Roberts also says, “the currently expressed or strongly implied statement that if women attend for screening, everything will be all right, is not acceptable.Thermography, as used in breast exams, records thermal (heat or cold) patterns in the skin temperature that may be normal or that may indicate pain, injury, disease, inflammation, or other abnormality.It records those findings in a color-coded scan of the body area being imaged.That detailed assessment ended with this statement: “At present, there is no reliable evidence from large randomized trials to support screening mammography programmes.”.The abstract states this: ...a Cochrane review has now confirmed and strengthened our previous findings.However, the main harms associated with screening mammography relate to potential death from radiation-induced breast cancer.

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