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Heptonstall, England Though fans have always left flowers and writing utensils as tributes, poet and author Sylvia Plath's simple grave in the St.Thomas' Churchyard was long the subject of controversy for the inclusion of extra surname "Hughes" by her husband and fellow poet, Ted Hughes, whom some blamed for her suicide.Thousands of visitors to the Holy Trinity Church each year to see a garish sculpture of the author overlooking his unadorned grave, featuring an inscription meant to deter grave robbers: "Bleste be the man that spares thes stones, And curst be he who moves my bones." Amherst, MA Emily Dickinson's minimalist headstone in Amherst West Cemetery has no quote from the poet's oft-spiritual work, just an inscription noting she was "Called Back," followed by her date of death.Her family plot is delineated by a black iron fence where fans leave flowers in memoriam.Baltimore, MD The 19th century stage actor John Wilkes Booth is notorious still today for assassinating Abraham Lincoln shortly after the close of the Civil War.His body rests in the family plot in Baltimore's Greenmount Cemetery, where visitors will often leave pennies bearing Lincoln's profile atop his headstone as a small form of tribute for the late president and retribution for his murderer.

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A bench behind the flat headstones features one of Cash's most moving quotes, "Happiness is being at peace; being with loved ones; being comfortable ...He remains a big draw in a cemetery of many distinguished deceased, though his inscription mentions only two accomplishments: "Beloved Husband and Father." Cathedral City, CA After visiting with Ol' Blue Eyes or Sonny Bono, see the nation's first memorial specifically honoring LGBT veterans.Opened on Memorial Day 2001, the obelisk commemorates the contributions of the gay and transgender Americans who served the military with a plaque and an engraving of a bald eagle over its heart.The word was repeatedly chiseled off before being cast in bronze to stop the vandalism.Glendale, CA Bette Davis, actress and star of such Hollywood classics as "All About Eve," matched the acerbic wit she displayed onscreen with her choice of epitaph, "She did it the hard way," engraved on her elegant family tomb in Forest Lawn Memorial Park near the Hollywood Hills, sometimes called the "cemetery of the stars." Glendale, CA Another celebrated actress of Hollywood's Golden Age, Elizabeth Taylor is buried beneath an open-armed angel in a corridor near Forest Lawn's Memorial Terrace. Buenos Aires, Argentina At La Recoleta Cemetery, guests can pay tribute at the beautifully Baroque gravesites of actors, writers, chemists, and 18 Argentine presidents, but most international visitors come for the simpler bronze-plaque tomb of Eva Perón, the actress and wife of President Juan Perón who inspired the celebrated musical "Evita." Seattle, WA Kung Fu master and martial arts film star Bruce Lee lies beneath a tree and beside his son in Seattle's Lakeview Cemetery, where visitors from around the world come to place flowers and pay their respects.London, England Scientist, astronomer, and originator of both the laws of motion and the theory of gravity, Isaac Newton is now buried in Westminster Abbey in the chapel of his alma mater Trinity College.

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