Sex maysa

Meaning ‘champion’, this moniker would even pay an ode to the ancient Egypt princess. This Muslim name refers to a mountain location in Al Medina.This interesting name has several meanings such as ‘secret’, ‘whisper’, and ‘passionate’. Radwa mountain is renowned for its height and beauty.Baby name Anisah has a bit of mystique and sounds totally adorable.It means ‘close, intimate, or one who’s a good friend’.Ghusan is a distinguished, wonderful, and rare name meaning ‘branches of a tree’.

Ever since Mary has been sailing out of style, its variations are becoming more and more popular. Your little princess is no less than nobility, right? This exotic, but accessible Muslim name is a Russian name as well, though the meanings are different. Your baby is the dawn of a new life, a new hope, and a new dream!

This name, meaning ‘gift’, falls along the lines of other Muslim names such as Hiba or Jada.

Jahara, the short form of Jahan Ara, would make a delicate, but strong name for your baby girl.

With a name such as Fariah, meaning ‘friend or companion’, maybe even your daughter can become someone’s best friend forever. It is a unique and modern muslim girl name and perfect for modern parents.

Muslim baby name Farrah, meaning ‘happiness’, brings a smile on the face whenever you hear it. Ferozah is a lovely, color name meaning ‘turquoise’.

Jazmin is one of the few Muslim names that do not end with an ‘a’.

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