Updating drupal core


I’ve managed to migrate my blog posts across and just need to work on adding the images, this time using the power of the Paragraphs module for all content.In the past 8 days since launching, a few updates have become available.Now, before we perform an update, it's the best practice to back up our entire site and our database and we can do that with a Drush command that we looked at before called archive dump. Then we ran the database update script and all of that was just for Drupal Core.So let's jump to the command line here and the command we're going to use is drush ard, which is the alias for archive dump, and we're going to pass at a parameter here to specify where we want this backup to reside and what we want to name it. It says archive saved, and if we jump to our directory and we move up one level, we see our backup-before-update dot tar dot gz here. But we can update Drupal Core and all of the modules and themes by simply using this command, drush up. Now, it gives us a list of what's going to happen when we run this update before we actually run it, which is very helpful.This blog will guide you through upgrading from Drupal core 8.3 to 8.4 while avoiding those nasty and confusing composer dependency errors.

This is super easy, you just need to run I hope you found this tutorial useful.Finally, we wrap up with how to integrate Drush - a powerful command line tool for Drupal - into your workflow to speed up the process of doing everything we discussed earlier in the series.Some of the key points we'll be covering include: This video collection is mainly for developers who want to improve their deployment strategies and learn how to work on a shared Drupal code base with other developers.The ultimate goal is to allow remote Drush updates of sites on the Pantheon platform, without any extra or special steps required on the part of the user. Next, what we're going to do is upgrade our Drupal site to the latest version and also our module. Now remember all of the steps that we had to go through before in order to perform our update. We either ran a patch file or downloaded the latest version of Drupal and untarred it over the current files.To make things easier on users, Pantheon is working on some improvements to the integration between the Pantheon platform and the Drush update workflow.

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