Updating kernel in linux mint

Instead, it was replaced with links to relevant sources of information.For instance, if you select a particular kernel you can now quickly access its changelog and see all the bug reports marked against it.

In Linux Mint 18, both Mint-X and Mint-Y are installed, and Mint-X is still the default theme.Xed is based on Pluma and acts as the default text editor.Note that the GNOME apps, MATE apps and Xfce apps these X-Apps replace are still available in the repositories.You can install them side-to-side to X-Apps and compare them to decide which ones you like best.X-Apps do integrate better however with your environment, not only in obvious ways (with traditional interface) but also in the way they support desktop environments.Here is an overview of some of the changes: The add-apt-repository command now supports the "--remove" argument, making it possible to remove PPAs from the command line.

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