Updating windows boot ini files as required


:) :) Anyways a big thumbs up for the both of you for a reaction time that definitely beats that of most major manufacturers and a proper fix!#Modifcations to /boot/* files, will not be saved when powered on. The bootmgr program then scans all the connected hard drives until it finds the one with the signature it wants, then jumps straight to the desired sector on that drive.The BIOS is not consulted to find the hard drive because bootmgr is not looking for a physical number of a drive but just scanning all drives for a specific disk signature.A failure to boot after an update should never of happened, I can only apologise to those it has affected. meaning that they get to the 2nd boot stage (or further) before the firmware crashes.I'll be changing the way we do releases from now on to prevent this from occurring in the future. If the disk gets corrupt or goes bad, it's not considered bricked. So, if you can interrupt the boot process at an early enough stage, you can repair it.Note: See that the existing information in the file is preserved.Its also really easy to setup a new section by just specifying a different “Section Name”.

Similarly in new Windows the bootmgr looks in the BCD file for the information that it needs to find the correct drive and partition, but it does not then use the firmware to find the hard drive, or the partition table to find the partition.

it's not considered bricked, because there is no firmware to corrupt. Hard bricked devices typically require a JTAG to interrupt the boot process at (or before) the 1st stage.

This is a physical interruption where a specific signal is applied to a specific pin on the CPU and puts the CPU into a special diagnostic state.

In legacy Windows the ntldr reads information from the file to help it find the correct hard drive and partition of the operating system that it wants to start.

A typical line in the for a common PC may look like this - ) to find out which hard drive is considered to be drive zero, then it looks at the partition table on that drive to find out which partition is number one.

The BCD file (Boot Configuration Data) has replaced the file.

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