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in Kailua-Kona will celebrate Christ's birth with their annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 8pm. Hearty local-style lunches will be available for .

For more information, call (808) 329-0655 or email [email protected] visit Saturday is the Mochi Pounding celebration, making traditional rice cakes the "old-fashioned" way: everyone takes their turn at pounding the glutinous sticky rice for good luck. New years crafts, food vendors, fortune telling, massage, I Ching readings, floral arrangements, plantation stories, Okinawan taiko drumming, Hawaiian entertainment and more.

The API is very simple, not overfeatured, can work standalone, but also supports additional webcam drivers like Open IMAJ, JMF, FMJ, LTI-CIVIL, etc, and some IP cameras. Depending on what you need out of it, you might be able to load the video library that's used there in java, or if you're just playing around with it you might be able to get by using processing itself. I think using JMyron is the easiest way to access a webcam using java.

It requires JMF being installed and configured before-hand, but once you're done you can access the hardware via Java code fairly easily. I've done this on my laptop by finding a command line program that snaps a picture.

Open CVFrame Grabber; import com.googlecode.opencv_core. Ipl Image; public class High Res extends JComponent implements Runnable enum Keys I have used JMF on a videoconference application and it worked well on two laptops: one with integrated webcam and another with an old USB webcam. Moreover, it also provides a set of real-time video processing features, like object tracking and filtering. The following code creates a Swing-based TV capture program with the video output displayed in the entire window: Java usually doesn't like accessing hardware, so you will need a driver program of some sort, as goldenmean said.

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